Mystery in the Palace of Westminster by Sarah Lustig

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About the book

Theo Duncan is just an ordinary student. Except he also happens to be the son of the Prime Minister, Will Duncan. 

When the parliamentary mace is stolen from inside the Houses of Parliament, Theo is determined to help his dad get it back. But he can’t do it alone. And when help is offered, there’s a problem. It comes from the new girl at school, Sammy Jhor, who’s a supporter of the opposition party. 

Theo and Sammy form an unlikely team to spy on government officials, sneak through the corridors of Downing Street and pursue the thief through the Palace of Westminster. 

But when the evidence points to suspects at the highest levels of government, finding the thief could threaten Will Duncan’s leadership. 

Can Theo and Sammy put aside their differences to find the mace – and the thief – before the government is brought to its knees? 

Mystery in the Palace of Westminster Cover

About Sarah Lustig

Sarah Lustig grew up in London and went to school in Westminster, with politicians’ children. Her experiences at school and interest in politics inspired the idea for the Westminster Mysteries series. Mystery in the Palace of Westminster is her debut novel. She has been a book editor for nearly 15 years and now lives in Buckinghamshire, where she spends her time reading, writing and pottering on her balcony garden.

​My thoughts

Thank you, Rachel Random Resources and Sarah Lustig, for this amazing book.

Did I ever say that British writers have a natural talent for children’s books? They have this whimsical writing style that flows so naturally. I love to read children’s books written by British authors.

This one, though, has something unique. It’s a children’s book all surrounded by politics. It’s interesting because it shows a bit of the governance and how it all works. It is our reality, and kids will benefit from seeing this all in a natural context of a fun story.

‘The new Bill is going to change that. It will drastically reduce the number of Lords selected by the government and increase the number selected by the committee. It will also mean that some Lords are elected. It’s quite radical. This Bill will change the face of British politics.’

A book that brings something old but still so new for kids.


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